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My name is Simona Liana Gonzalez and I am a graduate from James Madison University with a BFA in Graphic Design. A love spark for innovation started at a young age for me.  Whether it was coloring, drawing, painting, or building.  It was not only something I was passionate about but others noticed my success in the field of art and design as well.  I was quick to realize my mind processed the world visually. 


Realizing that my mind processed in this way, I have been committed to bringing my imagination to life and applying my artistry to the real world.  Becoming a graphic designer was not what I had originally planned for my future. Over some time, I realized choosing art and design as the anchor in my life was actually an easy decision for me. The drive of never ending creativity is what I’ve always hoped for my life to entail. I specialize in layout design and branding but always open to anything design!  

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